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"Not having exercised for many years, I have found Fabrice's training ideal for reclaiming vitality, and my best  possible personal level. It is not only the luxury of having access to the knowledge of an elite athlete, but also of having it delivered in a highly empathic, and holistic way. Fabrice devotes particular attention to my own qualities and character. He has a deep intuition for the state of the body in the moment and is very skilled at balancing exercises to go forward from that position. I find this a remarkable skill. I know I'm in good hands, and feel safe no matter what condition I am in. Deciding to invest in myself, and in this caring pair of hands, has proved the wisest choice I have ever made. The result is an improved vitality that has impact on every other part of my life."


Mark Alexander Wraith

Former principal soloist Ballet Rambert


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